Seasonal Yoga Retreats
Prepare your body & mind for each season of the year with specific yoga exercicis

1345 €

Seasonal yoga retreat in Empordà


This Seasonal yoga retreat is focus on each season of the year. We will work the characteristic elements of which one, getting ready for it.  The enviroment is one of the most beautiful in the world: Empordà, among the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean sea. 

Hatha yoga’s brings health benefits with regular practice. It is better when its adapted to each season of the year. With special focus on the season time we can take advantatge and protect our body for the weather changes. Achieve a better mind state, sleep, increased your energy and other are just some of the benefits that you feel after this seasonal yoga retreat.



Among the French border and Barcelona city is located the Empordà region. Empordà is, maybe,  the county with more personality in Catalonia. Many artists such as the catalan genius and famous painter Salvador Dalí where born here or inspired for their landscape. Our Seasonal Yoga Retreats invites you to enjoy this region. The vineyards, The Costa Brava, Figueres city, a Natural Park… the best of the Empordà is just next to you.

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Dali museum in Figueres


The first day we will enjoy a welcome meeting with all the participants and the hotel. In this welcome meeting we are going to do a briefing about the stage and also small introduction to all the participants. The yoga schedule would be:
Winter Spring Summer Autumn
Morning From 7:30 to  9:30 From 7 to 9 From 6:30 to 8:30 From 7 to 10
Evening From 19 to 21 From 19 to 21 From 19:30 to 21:30 From 19:30 to 21:30
After the Morning Yoga, breakfast
After the Morning Yoga session we will join a different activity related, such as meditation, smoothies talk, massagewalking, others…
On the afternoon: Optional activities
The yoga practice takes place outdoors, in the gardens among the olives trees ( typical from the Empordà region). Sometimes could be in another place, such as The Natural Parc of Cap de Creus and sometimes, depends on the weather forecast must be indoors the hotel.In the Morning is before breakfast and our goal is to do a sun saludation ( Surya Namaskara). In the evening is before dinner and also we do a sun saludation too.

During the day, there is some free time. We propose you some different optional activities to enjoy the region. You can check it below.


Closing asanas balance, stillness, working period of rest and hibernation

winterThe winter is the time to rest and relax. The lack of light and the falling of temperature affects our emotions and energy level. According to the Chinese medicine, the winter is the water element: the YIN. The body organ related is the kidneys (whichones filter the blood to be able to circulate around the body to maintain the equilibrium). Winter is a season where we have to conserve the energy and to keep lucid if you may wish to welcome the spring. In winter time we need to load our body full of power and heat. It is quite important to look for food based in that properties such as cereals, baked vegeteables, species, legumes or nuts… Yoga, always doing the convenient exercices, is the perfect complement for the body to give it the harmonic movements to cheer it up and calm the pain. ALso could help to set the tensions free like and antidepressant efect.



Opening asanas, in bloom like a flower, expansives asanas

meadow-50528_1280Spring is time to “opening”, to bright like the sun shine. It is time to reborn and renovation. According to the Chinese medicine, the spring is the wood element. The body organ related are gallblader and liver. The spring involves the begining of the growth (the nature is in bloom), In spring is easy to see cleary and plan ahead and take decisions. To do it, we need to feel flexible and loosen. The yoga practice can help us to feed our vital energy. Stretching muscles, tendons and ligaments we could introduce the sping inside us. Spring is time to flow, create or express what we feel. Also the ideal time for a body purification get rid of excess toxins and outpacing accumulation from winter (introducing more vegetables, fruits, natural juices, etc).


Varied asanas, summer time is the open period, more receptive and fullfilled

sunflower-175821_1280Summer is time to enjoy the sun shine and the good weather. Summer is related with the element fire. The body organ related are the heart and small intestine. The heart’s energy is in charge to direct the emotional and mental activity. Then, if we have the energy in a good health, our mind stands firm and stable, and clear thinking and alive. Summer is the perfect time to practice a smoother and aware yoga. Doing every movement and asana softly, that help us to achieve more concentration and body awareness. At the end of the day, is recommended the meditation to decrease the fire of our body. That will helps us to balance the nervous system, calms the mind and also activate the circulate system for a better breathing. This seasons requires liquids to drink and also food fill of it such as fruits or salads.


Prepare the body for closure / hibernation, asanas to get rid, get rid of yourself

autumn-473059_1280The earth begins to moisten. The days are shorter and the leaves fall. We should be aware of external changes to prepare the body for the winter. The element that is associated with this season is the metal. The organs of the body are related to the lungs, the long intestine and skin. It is the season where nostalgia and melacholy say goodbye to the summer, so we have to work for the release of these emotional and physical states. Again a good time to Detoxification and cleaning. Also gradually introduce more legumes and iron in our diet. The ideal work are the Pranayames that helps us to flow, balance and connect the conscious and uncoscious (purify blood, increases joy, clean lungs, revitalizing circulation unlock diaphragm and this repressed emotions, etc…)


Cycling Experience Discover the region by bike (road bike or trekkin bike)
Trekkin Experience Walk on the Natural Parc of Cap de Creus
Running Experience Running day on the Natural Parc of Cap de Creus
Wine Tasting Enjoy the Peralda wines
Photo walk Take your camera and shoot unique landscapes
Dali Experience ( 3 Museums) The Dali triangle, you can NOT miss that on Dali region!!

All these experience are custom by level and by availability. Don’t hesitate to ask more information about it!


The retreat will be celebreate in the heart of Alt Empordà region, between Barcelona and the French border. There every detail is a gift for the senses: the landscape and natural enviroment are unique. Enjoy Mediterranean clima the exclusive wine spa, an idyllic views  of the wineyards and the liveliest cultural hotspoton the Costa Brava.


Accommodation in 5* Hotel
Half-board: Breakfast and dinner included
Entry to the Wine Spa wellness center
Welcome meeting in the hotel with contact person
Touring Catalonia assisstance from 9h to 17h, Monday to Sunday
Yoga master teacher
Figueres Visit
Extra nights before or after the Yoga Seasonal Retreat
Touristic Tax, between 0,5 cents and 2,5 Euro per person per night (dependes on location and hotel category)



Runner guide & Yoga teacher


Price per person Description 
WINTER RETREAT (January, February, March) 1300 € March 11th -14th
SPRING RETREAT  1300 € May 20th to 23th
SUMMER RETREAT 1450 € August 5th – 8th  / September 5th-8th
AUTUMN RETREAT  1300 € October 7th – 10th
Solo Single room surcharge 85 €
  • Price per person sharing double room  in half board accommodation: Meals included are breakfast and dinner. Both adapted to the seasonal yoga retreat practice.




By car:

E15/A9 in France and then AP7 until Figueres. Then drive until Peralada

By train:

You can arrive until Figueres Station. You can check the timetables and prices here:
Then a Taxi to Peralada hotel.

By plane:

Low cost flights are available to Girona Airport (mainly Ryanair, in Summertime more companies are available). Then Transfer to Girona city or Peralada hotel.

Other option is the Barcelona option. Then take a bus or train to Barcelona city (20 minuts) and a train to Figueres (40 minuts – 1h30minuts depends on the train). Then a Taxi to Peralada hotel.

Upon a request, we even organize transfers from the airport to the starting point of the cycle tour and to the end point to others.



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